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Music producer, composer, songwriter, sound designer. He started his adventure with music from his fascination with hip hop and electronic music.
He is the founder of the duo XXANAXX and the co-creator of the success of the album 'Zbiór' Baranovskiego. 
In 2019, he received the Fryderyk award in the electronic music album of the year category for the album 'Gradient' XXANAXXU.
Also in 2019, under the moniker ATARI WU, he released his debut producing album titled 'Cyan'
He has collaborated with individual artists such as: Ania Karwan, Bovska, Quebonafide, Marika, Pezet, Małolat, Reni Jusis, Vnm, Wojciech Waglewski, Ras, Ten Typ Mes, Envee, Noon, as well as international brands including: Nike , Jaguar, H&M, Mastercard, Carlo Rossi, ob , Nokia, Reebok.
For several years, his passion has also been sound design for the UI of applications and devices. 
He also deals with Audio Branding, preparing audio logos for Polish and foreign companies.
He creates advertising and illustrative music. 

Currently, he focuses on his youngest child, the project SPOKÓJ, where he creates meditative and relaxing music that is a combination of ambient, electronics and contemporary classical music.
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