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Michał Wasilewski is the founder of the project, the author of lyrics and toplines and a music producer as well as the originator and producer of stage and concert realizations of the band
Hundreds of concerts in Poland as well as abroad. 
Cooperation with brands such as: Carlo Rossi, Nike, Jaguar, H&M
2018 - Nomination for the Fryderyk award in the electronic music album of the year category for the album FWRD
2019 – Fryderyk in the category of electronic music album of the year for the album GRADIENT 


Original production project.
Concerts in Poland, including performances on the stages of festivals such as Open'er and Audio River

Collaboration with artists such as: Ania Karwan, Reni Jusis, Bovska, VNM, Leski, Barbara Wrońska, Olga Jankowska, Masha
Cooperation with brands such as: Nokia, HP, Benq, Kartel


In this project, Michał joins forces with Mariusz Kulma, a specialist in generating images using artificial intelligence.
This project is an extraordinary audio-visual experience, a journey through the soothing sounds of ambient productions created by Michał.
In the creation of the musical material, specialized tools were used to create binaural recordings giving the impression of 8D sound.
Peace is also a YouTube channel where you can find music - binaural beats prepared by Michał and which can help fight stress, or become a soundtrack to meditation or yoga.


Michał co-produced with Baranovsky his debut album, Collection. Today, Wojtek gives concerts all over Poland and is one of the most frequently appearing artists on the radio. 

In 2020, both artists received three nominations for the Fryderyk award
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